The Artist

Art in some form has always been a part of my life.  I was drawing at the age of three, using oils by eight, and have continued to add new media and techniques over the years.  My early business career was in Graphic Design and then Architectural Illustration.  Later I was a Digital Artist  and am now a working artist and Art teacher.

The inspiration for my current work comes from my love of boating on Puget Sound as well as our travels.  Growing up on Day Island in Tacoma, Washington, as part of a boating family generated some of my fondest memories, such as misty mornings on the water, secluded coves, pink and orange sunsets, and the grand vistas of the San Juan Islands.  Boaters are a close group and I began to be asked by fellow enthusiasts to do portraits of their beloved yachts, so in 2003, my professional career as an artist was born.  Over the years as my commissions have come from farther afield. I have had the pleasure of learning about a variety of crafts, environments, and cruising destinations throughout the country.  To capture the qualities of light and the freedom of being on the water inherent in sailing and boating I use acrylics in a watercolor style.

Many of my paintings recall memories of living in Europe and other places we have visited over the years.  Sketchbooks are my constant companion on these travels as I find a sketch or painting more evocative to the memory of a time and place than a photograph.  The amount of time and concentration required to sketch or paint produces a stronger and fuller image than the click of a shutter.  Watercolors, oils, or soft pastels are used for these works depending upon the mood desired.

My abstract works are usually produced using acrylics with the addition of a variety of decorative papers.

In recent years I have discovered a new passion in teaching art to students of all ages.  It is so exciting to see a new artist emerge and to watch as an attitude of “I can’t do it” change to a smile of pride, accomplishment, and pleasure.  I encourage my students to develop a spirit of independence in their work and a desire to experiment, thus discovering their own artistic voices.  We introduce watercolor, acrylic, soft pastel, and mixed media in class so students have a working understanding of different media and feel comfortable striking off on their own artistic journeys.  One of the benefits of teaching is that as I explore new techniques for my students. My skills continue to grow in both scope and depth.

Thank you for visiting my web site and while you are here, please enjoy some of the art created by my students at ARTCLASS.